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Presenting the "New-born Muslin Hamper" - a comprehensive ensemble tailored to make every new mom's journey smoother and more enjoyable. Thoughtfully assembled with the finest 100% organic muslin cotton, this hamper embodies a complete selection of new-born must-haves, perfectly suited for your hospital bag and beyond.

Comprising three delicate swaddles, a trio of versatile burp cloths, a set of three snug jabla sets, and a collection of three gentle, absorbent nappies, this hamper guarantees every requirement of your new-born is met with utmost tenderness and ease.

Exquisitely designed to epitomize quality and practicality, the "New-born Muslin Hamper" reflects our unwavering dedication to providing the very best for your little one. Elevate those early moments with your new-born using the gentleness and reliability of organic muslin cotton, thoughtfully packaged to ensure a truly memorable start.

What's in the Combo
1. 100% Organic Muslin Swaddles - 3 Nos
2. Burp Cloth - 3 Nos
3. Nappy Set - 1 No (Set of  3) Size 0-3 months
4. Jabla Set- 1 No (Set of  3) Size 0-3 months

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