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Our versatile swaddles go beyond just swaddling, making them a must-have for parents. As your baby grows, they transform into beloved blankies, comforting lovies, reliable sun shields, and cozy blankets. Crafted from ultra-soft and extra-large organic fabric, these swaddles will become your go-to choice for comfort, style, and convenience.

  • - Organic Cotton 
  • - Screen printed by hand using AZO-Free dyes
  • - Ethically Made

Here's a concise step-by-step guide to swaddling your baby:

    • - Lay the swaddle in a diamond shape, fold down the top corner.
    • - Place baby on their back, shoulders below the fold.
    • - Secure right arm across the chest, tuck under left arm.
    • - Fold bottom corner up to create a pouch for feet.
    • - Hold left arm against the body, tuck left side over right.
    • - Ensure swaddle is snug but not too tight.
    • - Check for proper hip and leg positioning.
    • - Always place baby on their back to sleep.
    • - Monitor baby while swaddled.
    • - Stop swaddling when baby starts rolling over.


  • - 100% Organic muslin cotton
  • - 100 cm x 100 cm
  • - Naturally hypoallergenic

Fabric & Care

Machine wash cold, tumble dry at low temperature, iron at low temperature.

    Good to Know

    All of our items are designed and handmade in India. Slight variations in color are natural and part of the charm.

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