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Baby Girl Frilled bloomers from 6 to 24 months - Set of 3 - 100% Cotton

Frilled Bloomers Set of 3 for your crawling baby girl is oh-so-stylish and super cute! Made of 100% cotton, these bloomers are perfect for pairing with tees and frocks. Plus,...
Rs. 999.00

New Born Baby Onesies / Bodysuits - 100% Organic Cotton - Onesies Galaxy Edition Set of 2

Our Galaxy, Rocket  Bugs print Onesies / Bodysuits are designed to bring a playful and exclusive feel to your baby's wardrobe. Featuring an all-over print with star, rocket and bugs...
Rs. 998.00

Baby Boy Shorts - set of 3- 100% Organic Cotton

Our Organic stripe rib tie front short is your toddler new go-to. Designed in 100% organic cotton jersey with functional side pockets and an elastic waist, they are made with...
Rs. 1,169.00

Baby Boy Boxer Shorts for 12 to 36 months - Set of 2- 100% Cotton

It's time for camp! Our 100% cotton boxer shorts for your toddler  is the one you need.  Designed in 100% organic cotton jersey with functional side pockets and an elastic...
Rs. 1,079.00

New Born Baby Onesies / Bodysuits from 0-3, 3-6 months - Bugs print - 100% Organic Cotton

Our Bugs print Onesies are designed to bring a playful and exclusive feel to your baby's wardrobe. Featuring an all-over print this onesie ensures optimal comfort and style for your...
Rs. 532.00

Baby Girl Shorts with Frills & Pocket - Peach & Dashing red - Set of 2 - 100% Organic Cotton

Our super stylish girls shorts with frills are here to bring all the style and fun your little one could hope for in the summer season. Featuring super stylish shorts with...
Rs. 1,085.00

New Born Baby Footed Pants - Set of 2 - Footies - 100% Organic Cotton - 0 to 6 months - Peach & Green

This pack of two 100% organic cotton Footed Pants Solids provides comfort and style for new-born babies. The soft elastic makes them snug and warm while sleeping, and with a...
Rs. 910.00
Baby ClothingBy Style

Baby boy - Girl Sleeveless Leg-Suit - 100% Organic Cotton set of 2 - Fresh Pink

Sleeveless leg suit for active babies and toddlers is crafted from 100% organic cotton, and is ideally suited for active babies & toddlers. It is available in sizes from newborn...
Rs. 1,299.00

100% Organic Cotton

Even after many washes and wearing's, our breathable cotton keeps its softness, durability, and quality.

Export Quality

Every single garment is made with the highest quality and softness because we want nothing but the best for your little ones.

Free from Harmful Chemicals

We use dyes that are free of harsh chemicals, bleaches, and other irritants and pollutants.

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Specially curated for your little ones

Our Best Selling Essentials

Bath EssentialsEssentials

New Born Baby Bath Towel / 100% Organic Cotton

Our bath towels are not just for drying, they're the ultimate cape for your little superhero, ready to conquer bath time with laughter. Wrapped in 100% organic cotton, our bath...
Rs. 969.00
EssentialsFace Towels

New born baby face towels for delicate sensitive skin- Set of 3

Introducing our 100% organic cotton terry face towel in soft pastel shades for babies – a gentle caress for your infant's delicate skin. Crafted with care, our towel is made...
Rs. 398.00
Baby essentialsBunny Rug Jersey Blanket

New Born Baby Blanket / Bunny Rug / Jersey Blanket / White & Green

Wrap your baby in the snuggly warmth of our blankets, guaranteed to create a cocoon of love and hilarious dreams. Our Luxurious 100% organic cotton interwoven Bunny rug blanket  for...
Rs. 1,173.00
Bath EssentialsEssentials

New Born Baby Bath Towel with Hood - 100% Organic Cotton - Pastel Shades

Turning bath time into fun time with our finest 100% organic cotton hooded towels for new born babies are like superhero capes, ready to save the day by turning bath...
Rs. 794.00
Bath EssentialsEssentials

New Born Baby Bath Towel / 100% Organic Cotton / New Shades

Experience the joy of bath time with our towels, designed to transform your baby into the cutest little water sprite, guaranteed to make you chuckle. Wrapped in 100% organic cotton,...
Rs. 969.00
sponge bath squares New Born Baby Sponge Bath Squares - 100% Organic Cotton - Set of 6
Bath Essentialsbundles

New Born Baby Sponge Bath Squares - 100% Organic Cotton - Set of 6

Our bath squares are the perfect companions for bath time bonding, making those precious moments with your baby even more heart-warming and funny. Containing 100% organic cotton, these sponge bath squares...
Rs. 1,354.00 Rs. 1,218.00
New Born Baby Blanket / Bunny Rug / Jersey Blanket New Born Baby Blanket / Bunny Rug / Jersey Blanket
Baby essentialsBunny Rug Jersey Blanket

New Born Baby Blanket / Bunny Rug / Jersey Blanket

 Want to keep the baby warm... then this bunny rug is a must have. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, our Bunny Rug offers an exclusive luxury for your baby. Interwoven...
Rs. 1,173.00
0-3mBaby essentials

New Born Baby Cloth Nappy - Featuring sophistic 6 layer absorption - 100% Organic Muslin Cotton - Count Edition

Handcrafted with 100% organic muslin cotton, they are made to fit perfectly and bring comfort for babies from 0-3 months old. With 6 layers of absorbency and airy fabric so...
Rs. 624.00

Our starting point is Organic Cotton

There's no secret. Organic cotton isn't just softer, it's better for you and for everyone involved.

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Gender Neutral Baby Clothing

We value gender neutral baby clothing because it promotes inclusivity, meets our customer demand, is sustainable, and helps us build a progressive brand.

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Organic Cotton Fabric Facts

In addition to being soft and comfortable, cotton fabric is used for almost every type of clothing, so adopting organic cotton can have a positive impact on our environment and on our health.

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