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Want to dress you baby in the most comfortable clothing? That too in India where the climate in some parts are always hot...hotter and hottest. Here's our take on that. 

When you think of the perfect summer wear for an infant, what kind of cloth comes to your mind? Something sleeveless? Obviously yes. Something lightweight and airy? Yes please. Something easy to put on and take off? 

Absolutely. Jabla is one of those newborn baby clothes that are exclusively made for little ones unable to bear Indian summers. 

Jabla is not a new model at all. In fact, I am pretty sure all of us would have worn them when we were tiny. The difference is that most of our Jablas would have been handsewn, made using old cotton sarees or dhotis belonging to our grandparents.

When we created Nature’s Cuddle, the first priority for us was the comfort of the tiny beings. They deserve to look amazing while feeling comfortable, safe, and cozy too. The sleeveless Jablas from our portfolio cannot be closer to these requirements.  

Our Jabla story

While all our newborn summer outfits are designed to handle intense Indian summers, these Jablas are slightly more special to me. They are nostalgic and remind me of the times I used them for my kids a couple of decades ago.

The preparations for Jablas began during the last trimester, and I would see my mother picking the softest, coziest sarees and dhotis in the house, washing them, and keeping them safe to make Jablas. 

Once the baby was born, these pieces of cotton fabric would be deposited to the street corner tailor, who would cut them, stitch them, and convert them into multiple pieces of sleeveless Jablas. These Jablas usually didn’t have buttons and had to be put on through the neck. 

When our creative experts at Nature’s Cuddle sat together one day to think of summer-friendly newborn baby clothes, we had this spark of recreating the Jablas we were so used to years ago.

Jabla – unique characteristics 

What is so special about our Jablas, you may ask? 

  • Material 
  • Every single product on our website is made from organic cotton. Organic cotton is safer on the skin, safer for the environment, and is naturally hypoallergenic too. 

  • Fit
  • Fit in newborn baby clothes is tricky. Clothes that are too loose pose the risk of getting tangled with things around. Too tight clothes are obviously uncomfortable and movement-restrictive.

    That’s why the right fit makes all the difference. This is especially true for newborn summer outfits. In summer, the Jablas from Nature’s Cuddle would keep your babies extremely comfortable. Choose the sleeveless models with snap-button fit. 

    You can choose our Jablas in two sizes – 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

  • Sustainability
  • We take extreme care to ensure that the clothes from Nature’s Cuddle remain sustainable and eco-friendly. We use only water-based dyes, which are safe and long lasting too. The clothes wouldn’t fade as quickly as other baby clothes in the market.

    Our newborn baby clothes are also ethically sourced from farmers who practice organic farming and are sourced and made in India. 

  • Cuteness overload
  • Finally, you should get these Jablas because they are ultra-cute. We have chosen simple designs, subtle colors, and lovely prints which make these great everyday wear. Just look at these Jablas here. Wouldn’t your baby look amazing in these?

    We also have full-sleeved Jablas for the colder seasons. These also come with button snaps and wrist-length sleeves that can be worn over diapers or shorts. 

    Do you need to spend so much on simple Jablas?

    Our Jablas are definitely more expensive than other newborn baby clothes in the market, and the first question parents will and should have is this!

    As a brand that believes in our products 100%, we need to be able to answer this honestly.

    Yes. In the first instance, these Jablas are a tad bit costly. But the cost is completely justified.

    Cotton farmers use close to 1 kg of hazardous pesticides on one hectare of their cotton farm. This is just for production. Cotton fabric is exposed to several other types of hazardous compounds in processing and dyeing cotton. 

    Extremely harmful substances like benzidine, ammonium sulfate, oxalic acid, and hydrochloric acid come in contact with the cotton fabric that your baby ends up wearing.

    Organic cotton, as the name suggests, is grown organically without the use of harsh pesticides. The production and dyeing process is also safer without using the above-mentioned acids. 

    As a result, organic farmers are unable to produce as much cotton as a regular farmer does in the same amount of land used for cultivation. This results in increased cost prices of organic cotton. As a result, any fabric made organically tends to be more expensive. 

    However, when you pick organic cotton clothes, you can have the confidence that your little one is offered safe and pure clothes to wear and that your consumerism isn’t affecting the environment too. 

    Maintaining your Jablas

    There are a few simple tips to follow if you want to keep these lovely Jablas soft, comfortable, and bright.

    1. Handwashing is the best way to ensure all newborn baby clothes stay soft. However, this isn’t possible for all practical reasons. If you machine wash our Jablas, please make sure you use cold water and the gentlest cycle on your machine. Many parents think it is good to wash baby clothes in hot water to remove germs. However, hot water ruins the fabric and encourages pilling. 
    2. Since you have spent good money on organic cotton clothes, do not bring down the effects by using regular washing powders. Choose gentle, organic laundry detergents.
    3. It is best to air dry these Jablas. In summer, these clothes dry in just a few hours of time. However, if you use a dryer, tumble dry in the lowest setting.
    4. Please avoid using any kind of bleach on these fabrics. Nature’s Cuddle’s clothes get softer with every wash, and bleach is going to prevent this from happening. Needless to say, bleach is extremely harsh too.


    Jablas are a reflection of our culture and our love for cotton newborn baby clothes. Most of us don’t have the time to pick old sarees or dhotis and stitch them into Jablas. Readymade ones like these are the easiest options out there.

    We would really encourage you to read more about the differences between cotton and organic cotton and make the better choice for your little ones. 

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