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Know all about the hottest trends in the baby product industry and be a smart and influencing parent. Click here to read more.

Have you heard of parent influencers on social media? Chances are you may be following some of these influencers on Instagram or Facebook. Have you ever wondered how they manage to be on top of their game all the time?

If you have ever felt left behind as a parent when it comes to parenting techniques or using the right baby products and gear, you are not alone. A lot of parents feel this way.

The hottest trends in baby products keep changing every year. The awesome baby carrier that you wanted to buy and have been saving up for might go out of trend the next year or the brand may come up with an even better alternative.

Use this list to keep up with the baby product trends 2021. The 6 product categories are what is trending right now in the baby care industry.

Organic clothes

Now, this is more of a lifestyle change than a trend. However, more and more parents have started adapting to the trend and are consciously looking for organic clothes this year. Parents are talking about these, advocating them online and offline, and are making a safer, healthier change that is going to protect the environment too.

What are organic clothes? These are clothes that are farmed and produced using safe methods and without the use of harsh chemicals.

As a result, the clothes are gentler on the baby’s skin, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly too. There are many organic cloth brands in the world right now and Nature’s Cuddle is one such Indian brand working towards creating fun, bright, and safe organic cotton clothes.

You can check the products we offer here.

Do read all about maintaining organic clothes here.

Gender-neutral clothes and toys

Now, this is also a trend that really has to stay forever. For years together now, baby boys were gifted blue-colored clothes while baby girls were offered the usual pink! Even when it comes to toys, it is common to see little girls being gifted dolls and kitchen sets while boys received cars and trucks.

Gender is a fluid term now. Stereotyping little boys and little girls even before they explore their identity is something people have to stop doing.

Start by gifting and buying gender-neutral clothes and toys for babies.  If you are unsure what toys the child likes, feel free to ask the parent before you assume.

Gender-neutral clothes are a happening trend of 2021 and yellow, purple, green, and orange hues make up this list.

Gender-neutral toys include age-appropriate toys that both boys and girls will enjoy playing with. These include shape sorters, building blocks, role-play sets, board games, ride-on, and more.  Such gender-neutral baby product ideas will definitely bring a heart-warming smile to the faces of the little ones. This is the first step to telling them they can be what they want to.

Comfort over style

Do you remember seeing infants and toddlers dressed up for parties and weddings a decade ago? Fluffy frills, lace, sequin work, silk blouses, thick blazers, overcoats, and embroidery kurtas were chosen for tiny little ones. These were accessorized with long and heavy jewelry too.  The bigger the better, the thicker the better was the norm then! The season didn’t matter. Parents wanted their child to look the best amidst friends and family.

This trend has, fortunately, gone away in the last few years. Parents are largely choosing comfort over style. There are great Indian brands that are making stylish yet ultra-comfortable baby clothes and accessories that can be worn to special occasions without the child feeling weighed down.

This is also a trend that has the scope of continuing in the future.

Technologically smart products

Technology has reached everywhere. This holds for the baby care brand too. You will be awed at some of the technologically smart trends in baby care products industry.

Check these products out.

  • A 360-degree rotating car seat that is equipped with a sensor that alerts the caregiver when the child is left alone in the car.
  • A sensor-equipped bedtime routine system that guides children to do their nighttime routine, sings lullabies, adjusts lighting, and helps the child sleep
  • An Artificial Intelligence-equipped baby monitor that detects different movements of the baby like rolling over, crying, sucking thumb, and sleeping. The monitor apparently captures first movement milestones too!

These are just a few of the various tech-smart baby products in the market. These are definitely not cheap but the features are worth the money for parents who are tech-enthusiasts themselves.


Sustainability is a very personal term. It means different for different individuals. Sustainability is acting to minimize depletion and damage of natural resources.

A lot of parent influencers in India and globally strive hard to achieve sustainability in their own ways. Some of them pick pre-loved clothes, toys, and accessories instead of always buying new ones. Others keep away from plastic when it comes to baby products. A large group of parents is also picking organic cotton fabrics and clothes over regular cotton.

Did you know that cotton is one of the crops that use up to 16% of all the pesticides produced in the world? Switching over to organic clothes will bring down pesticide usage globally.

Many mothers consciously choose homemade foods over packaged ones as the latter goes through a lot of processing and use excess energy and resources. Your idea of sustainability can be different. However, do know that this is something you can confidently talk about to other parents and influencers. The topic by itself is in trend!

Sustainability is something more parents have to take up. It is a trend that is going to positively affect the environment and people around.

Personalized goods

Another of the hot trends for 2021 is personalized goods. You can pick some of the best baby products in the market with a personalized mention of your child’s name or a specific quote you like or even a picture of your child.

Image courtesy: A Great Baby

Personalized baby products make great gifts too. Check some options here.

  • Name engraved gold/silver jewelry
  • Dohars/blankets embroidered or printed with the birth story of the baby
  • Initial engraved feeding essentials
  • Personalized books revolving around the story of the little boy/girl
  • Personalized milk bottles/sipper bottles with photos of the baby

Don’t these sound interesting?  You can look around for such personalized options. A lot of crafters and artists work on such commissions.


Trend is something that keeps changing. However, it is a great feeling to be one with the trend and stay aware of what’s happening in the baby world as a parent. Your child grows up only once. It is not wrong to want to give him/her the best of everything possible. This list of baby product trends 2021 will help you be an informed, smart, and conscious parent. We will get back to you with a new list for next year! Till then, happy parenting.

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