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The first few days home with your new-born baby can be extremely exciting and fulfilling. Imagine having a new person at home who wasn’t there a few days ago?

This is the person who would grow with you and bring out emotions unknown in you, as parents! However, it is not uncommon to feel anxious too. There is a tiny little human being that depends on you every single minute of the day for eating, sleeping, and just surviving. 

Just know that if you are that anxious new parent, you aren’t alone. The anxiety comes from the feeling of wanting to do your best to the baby and protect and take care the best way possible. From the materialistic point of view, your expenses, wants, and needs increase with the arrival of the new baby. 

There is a long list of infant essentials that you may have to invest in, in order to do your job right as a newborn care taker. 

In this blog post, we’ll look few categories of essentials that are definitely needed in any house with a newborn. 



Newborns are typically on breastmilk or formula milk. If your newborn is primarily on breastmilk, some of the essentials that you would need are:

  • Breastmilk pumps – some mothers make more milk than the baby can consume and they prefer pumping the excess out, refrigerating it, and using later on. Breastmilk pumps are basic infant essentials and help avoid problems like milk clogging in the mothers.
  • Nipple shields – some babies have problems in latching and in that case, a nipple shield can be a savior. 
  • Formula milk – discuss the right type of formula milk with your pediatrician and have the powder in stock.
  • Bottles to feed the milk in – both breastmilk and formula milk can be fed through bottles. Please make sure to pick bottles with the tiniest of nipple holes right for your newborn baby



Most pediatricians suggest vitamin D drops for the first few months, and this helps prevent vitamin D deficiency in newborns and supports bone development. Talk to your doctor to check on this.

Iron supplements are also recommended for babies. Your doctor should throw more clarity on this. 

Paracetamol is prescribed for babies after vaccinations or in case of a fever spike. 

Some parents try and mix medicines with honey or sugar syrup to make it easy for the baby to ingest. Please note that honey isn’t recommended at all until two years because the baby’s body may not be able to process it. Sugar and salt aren’t recommended in the first 12 months too. 

Please try and give the medicines straight out of their packaging without mixing them with home staples. 


Here comes the part we are most passionate about. Do you know that Nature’s Cuddle is known for its newborn babywear clothes? We put our hearts and souls into creating newborn clothes that are not only good-looking but are super comfortable and safe for your babies from day 1. 

Below are some of the infant essential clothes that you definitely need to invest in.

  • Muslin jablas

  • Muslin jablas should be one of the must-have items in your newborn baby’s wardrobe. Our jablas are inspired by the soft sleeveless jablas that grandmothers used to hand stitch for the babies at home. 

    Read our latest blog on muslin jablas to know more about how we created these beauties and their features. 

  • Footed rompers
  • Most parents feel that their baby’s feet get cold at night and hence look for baby socks to put on. The babies are extremely smart, though. They learn to take their socks off in just a few days of time. That’s why Nature’s Cuddle’s footed rompers were created.

    As the name specifies, this newborn babywear is a full-sleeved grow suit that ends in a covered footed bottom. These grow suits are made of expandable cotton and grow as the baby grows.

  • Kimono onesies

  • Most mothers find shirts that must be worn via the neck difficult to put on or take off in small infants who haven’t yet achieved neck stability. If you feel so, too, the kimono onesies are perfect for your little one. 

    These newborn baby tops can be worn by babies aged 0-12 months. The top comes with snap-on buttons that are easy to put on and take off. 

  • Baby bottoms 
  • Irrespective of whether you use disposable diapers or cloth diapers for your little one, our baby bottoms are perfect coverups if you don’t want the diaper to show out. These gender-neutral shorts are available in different sizes. 

    Like other products from Nature’s Cuddle, these bottoms are also made of 100% organic cotton and the leg holes are strategically placed to improve the comfort of the babies. 

    Other accessories

    Three other newborn baby accessories that our experts recommend are these.

  • Burp cloth

    Newborns burp, and they burp every time they drink milk. Burping is good and expected after milk time. However, most babies spit a little bit of milk consumed during burping, and that’s why newborn caretakers need to have a small piece of cloth with them to wipe and wash all through the day.

    Our burp clothes are made of 100% organic cotton terry and are soft and extremely absorbing. These can be washed and used multiple times, and they only get softer over time.

  • Swaddle cloth

  • Doctors and midwives swear by the practice of swaddling and recommend swaddling babies before they learn to roll over to keep them cozy and calm them down. Swaddling helps the newborn baby sleep better, too. 

    Our swaddle clothes are 100 cm X 100 cm and can be used as a blanket, feeding coverup, stroller coverup, and comfort cloth, too. 

  • Sponge bath squares

  • Sponge baths are recommended for babies whose umbilical cords haven’t fallen down or are preemies. 

    Our specialty sponge bath squares are made of 250 GSM knitted 100% organic terry and measure 25 cm X 25 cm. They are hemmed at the ends to make them long-lasting. 


    In the initial few days, most parents opt to use disposable diapers because, honestly, they are more convenient and quicker to use and dispose of. However, some newborns can develop rashes around the genitals and buttocks areas due to using disposable diapers. 

    In that case, start with organic cotton diapers, which are extremely soft and gentle on their skin. Nature’s Cuddle’s organic cotton nappies are tie-on variants that can be used for between 0 and 3 months. 

    These nappies have six layers of absorbent material so they keep the baby dry for a longer time than other normal cloth nappies.

    These are must-have infant essentials, as they can be reused hundreds of times and get softer with every wash.  

    100% organic cotton clothes have incredible benefits for baby skin, and that’s why this has become a material of choice for parents across the world. Nature’s Cuddle brings to you testified 100% organic muslin and terry cotton newborn baby and toddler essentials that are farmed, produced, and sourced ethically in India. 

    You will need to try these clothes once to see why they are different and worth the price! 

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