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Are you looking to pick up new-born baby clothes in India, then this blog is for you. 

If you are a new parent with an adorable little baby at home, one of the biggest challenges you would be facing every day is resisting the urge to shop! This is true, especially with newborn baby clothes.

There are so many kinds of ultra-cute and extremely attractive infant clothing out there, and just like a piece of chocolate, you cannot stop with just one! If you have searched for baby clothes online once, it doesn’t help that this is what you keep seeing everywhere now.

Tempted to pick every single type of baby outfit that makes its way to your feed? Not so fast. While baby clothes are all very attractive, the question of whether they are comfortable and safe for the baby is critical to be answered.

Many beautiful-looking infant clothes are made of polyester and other unbreathable materials that can lead to skin allergies, heat rashes, and more such skin problems. Also, if you are a sustainable parent, you know these materials aren’t great for the environment.

When it comes to the design, the simpler these are, the better it is. Babies don’t give you more than a minute to dress them up, and if you want to avoid making the little one fussy, uncomfortable, and irritated, stay away from clothes that come with multiple buttons or complicated tie-ups.

Every piece of clothing from Nature’s Cuddle is a result of extensive backend research and discussions. Only designs that pass comfort, safety, ease of usage, and our cuteness meter end up getting created. 

Here are five such wonderful newborn baby clothes that our team recommends if you have an infant at home and want to invest in the right type of clothes.


Onesies have been a part of infant staple clothes for decades now, and there is a reason for this! There is nothing more comfortable and easy to wear than a good onesie.

As the name suggests, this is a single piece of clothing, and that means you end up spending lesser time dressing up the little one.

This is one of the baby outfits we definitely recommend you choose if your little one is in diapers.

Our onesies come with a loose outline and don’t restrict movement.

These are made of 100% organic cotton, and the snaps are lead/nickel free. Most importantly, the leg openings are elastic and hence fit snugly at the bottom.

You can choose long-sleeves, short-sleeves, and sleeveless onesies on the website now.

During colder days, we suggest adding a pair of footed pants under the onesie to make it a cozier attire.

Footed rompers

The next on the list of our favorite newborn baby clothes are footed rompers.

Now, for obvious reasons, infants cannot wear shoes.

And one of the universally favorite games of little ones is taking out their socks and throwing them in the air! If you are a parent who is frustrated with the ‘tossing the sock in the air’ game, then these footed rompers are a game changer.

Footed rompers are also called grow suits and are perfect when you travel with the kid or during colder nights. 

Footed rompers are usually full-sleeved and come with full pants with pants covering the feet. The slightly elastic cotton material we have chosen makes sure the suit grows as your baby grows and can be used for a longer time!

Pro tip: We suggest opening the zipper and laying the romper on the bed or dressing table, and then placing your baby over it. Now, you can quickly dress up the little one before they realize it.


Kimonos are a perfect option for tiny infants who are still not comfortable with clothes being put through their heads. Though onesies are extremely comfortable after they are worn, the dressing-up process may be slightly challenging for newborns.

If you feel so, too, then the kimono infant clothes are a perfect alternative.

Fun fact: Did you know that kimonos are the national attire of Japan?

Kimonos come with an open front that can be wrapped around the body using a sash or a tie-up. Thanks to the open front, you can lay the cloth on the dressing table and put the baby over it, and quickly dress up.

Our kimonos are easy to take off too. Needless to say, these are also made of 100% organic cotton with lead/nickel-free snaps. 

Some parents get back to us saying most of our clothes are subtle and soft on the eyes, and they have been looking for brighter/bolder color options.

All of Nature’s Cuddle’s clothes use non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes, and these are naturally softer and pleasing shades. Also, we believe that such colors help keep the baby calm and sated.


Another staple baby outfit you should pick up is our everyday basic tees. These tees are unisex, so you don’t have to worry about getting the color/design right.

These no-fuss tees come with half sleeves rolled or folded out for a more charming look and snaps on one shoulder. By removing the snaps, it is very easy to put on the tee over the head. Very small details like these are our strengths.

Made of 100% organic cotton, these tees have water-based eco-friendly dyes that are long-lasting and safe on the skin. If you want to know what other parents have to say about organic cotton clothes, here is Amrutha talking about why she chose organic cotton for her son. 

Baby bottoms

Indian summers can be harsh, and sometimes, letting the baby stay with minimal clothes could be the best thing ever. Keeping this in mind, our baby bottoms are minimal in design and extremely comfortable to put on.

The best thing about these bottoms is the leg holes. These come with the softest of elastic, and the positioning is perfect to put on over diapers.

These newborn baby clothes are extremely soft and cozy. You will need to touch them to understand how they feel on the skin.

If you have been looking to pick up newborn baby clothes in India, then definitely visit our online store too. You will notice that every single design and every single type of infant clothes we have is consciously chosen and painstakingly created.

As a parent, you only want the best in the world for your baby, and Nature’s Cuddle is a brand that will help you in this amazing journey. Our 100% organic clothes are catered towards infants and little ones between the ages of 0-3. You can also visit our physical store in Nehru Nagar, 2nd Street, Adyar, to experience the clothes firsthand before ordering online.

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