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Choose comfort over style during summers. It brings with itself sweat and skin irritation. Choose the best organic baby clothing for your baby.

baby clothes

There are definite standards in the market for adult clothes. Brands release collections based on the season and make it easy for people to dress weather-appropriately. This does not hold true for babies though.

Once summer comes, it is a challenge to find the right baby clothes that are comfortable for the little ones. For babies with already sensitive skin, few fabrics can make skin infections worse in summer.

Choosing the wrong fabric or piling up extra layers of clothes can cause overheating. Here are some of the signs of overheating in babies that you should look out for.

  • The skin turns warm and botched
  • The skin feels flushed and red
  • Breathing seems rapid
  • The baby looks uncomfortable

How to choose summer fabrics?

Cotton – You cannot go wrong with this beautiful and lightweight material when the temperature soars! Cotton is extra absorbent and is breathable and is perfect to create summer clothes with.

Are all cotton clothes the same?

Definitely not. A lot of brands mention cotton in the tags but use a mix of cotton and some other fabric to create baby wear. Check if the tag says 100% cotton.

Some kinds of cotton are created using extremely high quantities of chemicals that they do more harm to the skin than just overheating. Choose gentle organic cotton-based baby clothes instead. These are farmed and manufactured using eco-friendly and biodegradable methods and products and are very safe for the skin.

Such gentle organic cotton clothes get softer with every wash too!

Summer – baby wardrobe essentials

T-shirts – One of the staples that have to be in your baby’s summer wardrobe is T-shirts. These are unisex clothes and can be worn with pants, shorts, skirts, or even with a nappy at home. Our T-shirts are heavenly to touch and come with short-sleeves, perfect for summer. You can choose between subtle colors like pink, blue, and yellow.

baby organic t-shirt

Sizes are available from 0 -24 months.

Shorts – Another of the summer favorites for babies is shorts. When you choose shorts, make sure they are loose and comfortable. Tight shorts, leggings, and skin-hugging capris are a no-no in summer. Some shorts come with really tight elastics that leave marks on the skin. Do not choose these too.

baby cotton short

The beach shorts for little girls from Nature’s Cuddle are adorable, complete with frills and comfortable elastics. These come in beautiful colors like pink, peach, maroon, and red. The sailor boys shorts from our brand are very popular with the parents. The pack of three shorts is soft on the skin, made using 100% organic cotton, and can be worn over both disposable and cloth diapers. These are perfect summer clothes for quick trips outside and as daily wear too.

Cotton night suits – Pick up half-sleeved night suits and full pants in cotton for nights during summers. The temperature slightly dips at night and shorts or capris can leave the baby feeling cold. Night suits are available for babies from 6 months of age and are downright adorable.

Cotton frocks – Frocks have always been the preferred attire of choice for little girls. However, most of the frock models in the market come with embellishments, lace, and other additions that are not skin-friendly.

baby cotton frocks

Check out our sleeveless baby frocks that are made of pure organic cotton. These are easy to wear, super comfortable, and perfect as everyday wear.

If you are taking your little one out, the printed fit flare frocks from our collection work best. These are trendy and cute, complete with a bow tie and a flared bottom. You can choose these in red and blue colors.

baby clothes - cotton frocks

Leg suits – Leg suits are similar to jumpsuits, except that these are designed keeping in mind little babies. Leg suits are one-piece summer clothes that come with snap fasteners. These are perfect for babies who are still crawling. You can change leg suits in a matter of seconds without having to lift the baby from the changing table.

baby legsuits

Our leg suits come in half-sleeved and sleeve-less designs and are created keeping in mind the scorching summers of India.

Footed rompers – Some babies have constantly cold feet, even in summers. These little ones are clever enough to throw away the socks they wear and end up feeling cold, especially in the middle of the night. Make sure you have a couple of footed rompers for summer nights. Our creations are made of the lightest and fluffiest of cotton materials and will gently keep your baby covered without the problems of overheating.

baby footed rompers

Cotton pants – If you are planning to take your baby outdoors after sunset, keeping the little one safe from mosquitoes has to be your priority. Shorts don’t work in such cases. Pick up soft cotton pants in solid colors like black, blue, beige, or khaki. These can be paired with lightweight t-shirts to keep your babies breezy.

Keep yourself as a guide when you pick. Are you sweating and uncomfortable? Do you feel especially hot during afternoons? Chances are your baby feels so too. Always choose the right brands to ensure the material is picked keeping in mind baby clothes sensitive baby skin.

Choose comfort over style during summers.  If your child shows signs of distress after getting dressed up, try removing layers or change the baby into more comfortable attire.

Summer brings with itself sweat and skin irritation. Change clothes a couple of times a day to keep your baby fresh and happy.

Visit Nature’s Cuddle for more details on 100% organic cotton clothing for babies and watch out for amazing sales and offers.

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