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The top four categories of products  that are perfect if you have a little one at home. Click below to read.

baby essential products

Bringing home a baby is one of the biggest blessings of all. Parents’ feelings oscillate between excitement, the sense of responsibility, and the fear of doing things right. Everything changes once you have a child. Your grocery list expands, your fridge is filled with healthy stuff to eat, and the house gets child-proofed.

What about the shopping list? Well, that gets tweaked too. Studies say that a baby’s skin is strikingly different from an adult’s skin. A newborn baby has thinner skin that is more prone to the development of rashes and allergies. This is why using adult fabrics on your baby’s skin may not be the safe thing to do.

Thanks to thoughtful baby brands like us, fabrics specially created for the sensitive skin of babies are available. Baby rompers, washcloths, towels, and bibs are so painstakingly designed that they are downright adorable and safe for use! You should physically touch these to know how soft and how comfortable they feel on the skin.

Here is a list of baby essentials from our brand that are perfect for newborns, infants, and toddlers. These products are all made of 100% certified organic cotton, are completely non-toxic, and are unbelievably cozy.

      Cloth Nappies

Baby must have product

We are all moving away from non-biodegradable products to those that are nature-friendly, safe, and green. A lot of parents are interested in giving up regular disposable diapers for a lot of reasons. These pollute the environment, easily cause rashes, and are super expensive too. Our reusable nappies can be used from the day your little one is born and are gentle on your baby’s skin.

These nappies are pure white and 100% made of organic cotton. These are breathable and soft. The more you wash them, the softer they get. These can be used all through the day to keep the baby comfortable. These come in one-size-fits-all and can be used as the baby grows up too.

You can choose the 6-piece starter pack or opt for the 12-piece jumbo pack of these nappies, depending on your budget and convenience.


baby product

Swaddling is an age-old practice that helps babies sleep peacefully without disturbing them with their natural startle reflex. When swaddled, the little ones feel like they are back in the womb and sleep better. Swaddling can help colicky babies relax too.

Our swaddle blankets are 100 cm X 100 cm and are heavenly to touch. These come in subtle prints too. Apart from swaddling, these wraparounds can be used to snuggle the baby in, as a breastfeeding cover, to cover the baby up at night, and even as a comfort-blanket. Just like all our other products, these swaddles get softer with every wash and get more comfortable to use.

Here are few features of these swaddles you should know about.

  • These swaddles are non-toxic and dyed using eco-friendly and safe colors
  • Our products are proudly ‘Made in India’
  • The swaddles are breathable and can be used across the seasons


baby essentials clothes

After taking a bath, your baby’s skin gets more sensitive and hence it is recommended you don’t rub the skin too hard with a towel. Choosing towels that are super absorbent makes the experience better for both the baby and the caretaker.

Have you checked out our towels? We offer two models of these.

Hooded towels are beautiful pieces of soft towels with a hood on top. These are perfect to wrap your infant in after a head bath. Such hooded towels can also be used to swaddle the baby in when you step outside the house.

These products come in 29 inch X 29-inch sizes and are super absorbent. You just need to wrap these around the baby and the fabric absorbs all signs of moisture.

Bath towels come in size 29 inch X 40 inch and are slightly bigger than the hooded models. These can be used as everyday towels and come in endearing pastel shades.

Did you know that all the towels we create can be machine washed easily?


baby bibs

The 6-months mark is a major milestone in the life of both babies and parents. This is the time babies are slowly introduced to solids and this is the time when you will be introduced to stains and spills like never before!

Bibs are pieces of fabric that are tied around the neck to prevent food and beverages from spilling onto the clothes and staining them. Bibs are also used in wiping drools in children.

Our bibs are 2-ply cotton fabrics that are super-absorbing. These come with a comfortable fastener that holds the fabric in place. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a baby shower or for a new-born little one, these are perfect. These come in unisex colors and are beautifully packed and shipped to the location of your choice.

All our bibs can be machine-washed multiple times and reused. The dye that we use is eco-friendly and safe on the baby’s skin.

All these four categories of products are perfect if you have a little one at home. These also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family who have just bought home their bundle of joy. Do know that all products go through rigorous quality checks before they are packed and products are shipped between 24 and 48 hours after you place an order.

Give our products a try. Your baby will bask in the warmth of organic, soft, and wonderfully comfortable essentials.

Visit our online store to know more about these baby essentials and do feel free to call our customer care number if you have an queries.

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