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Dressing up your newborn baby is a lot of fun and responsibility too. Read our blog ... we are sure there are some takeaways for you :-)

You have had a baby boy? Congratulations!

Your adventures as new parent begins now. It is such an exciting time for you and your family and I am sure you just want to get the little bundle of joy home and settle down quickly.

Well, that can be done soon enough, but do you have your nursery all set up and ready to welcome your baby boy home?

Questions and more questions…. Do I have to dress my baby boy differently? What are the colors trending right now for baby boy clothes? What size must I buy? What material of clothing should I buy? etc.

No need to panic. I hope some of our tips given here will help you get started.

All babies are alike when they are born

Indeed, all babies are alike when they are born. Their individuality only seeps in much later! So, if you have been the type of parent who has planned for the pregnancy and childbirth much before, then you probably would have already started with gender-neutral colors to begin with.

The colors trending right now for baby boys’ clothes, other than the traditional shades of blue, are, grey, red, and black - with designs of stripes, forest animals, and checkers.

The main objective when you buy baby boy clothes or for that matter, clothes for any new born is size, comfort, safety, durability, and types of clothing.

baby boy clothes to buy

Factors to consider before buying baby boy clothes

Clothes Size: Know the measurements of your baby like head circumference, chest measurement, length size from shoulder to waist, the weight of baby, etc. These measurements are usually present on the baby’s birth chart book given to you at the hospital and also helps you know your baby’s size. All clothes will specify the following ranges for size – 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, etc. For diapers, it would specify the weight of the baby. These should help you buy your clothes and diapers with confidence.

Clothes Comfort: This is the most essential aspect while buying baby boy clothes. Make sure your baby has enough space to wriggle in and grow. Do not buy tight clothing. It is ok if you end up buying a size bigger, your baby will grow into them soon enough.

Clothes Safety: It is highly recommended to go for cotton clothing in the initial days. It would be better if you could consider organic cotton clothing which is 100% natural and is hypoallergenic. In case your baby has more than usual sensitive skin, you can rest assured that such material is safe on your baby’s sensitive baby’s skin.

It is known that even some cotton material have harsh chemicals and dyes. These chemicals may cause rashes and allergic reactions. Look at stores that cater to your requirement of 100% organic cotton baby boy clothes.

Clothes Durability: You are aware that babies’ clothes need to be changed often. So, this means that their clothes tend to get washed often too. Pick clothes that are durable and can withstand repeated washes. Especially clothing such as cotton reusable nappies, burp cloths, washcloths, and towels. Organic cotton clothes are known to be very durable and great value for money.

Clothing Types: There are many types of clothes that you need to buy for your baby boy. To list out a few –

You also need to know what to use and when to use it. Most of these clothes can be used every day, giving your baby’s sensitive skin the softness and safety, it requires.


Dressing up your newborn baby is a lot of fun and responsibility too. It is a balancing act, which as parents you are sure to ace at, given some time and practice. Do exercise patience and enjoy the process and planning you do together as parents.

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