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You will need to touch and feel the fabric to know what 100% organic muslin really feels like. 

If you are someone who romanticizes fabrics like me, you would understand my unconditional love for muslin! I have always been a supporter of organic cotton because of all its benefits to the environment and the people around it. Muslin, a type of cotton, holds a very special place in my heart, and it is with a lot of excitement that I bring to you our exclusive muslin babywear category on Nature’s Cuddle.

For those not very familiar with the types of fabrics out there, muslin is a special cotton fabric made of plain weave. It is known for its especially soft finish, breathability, and slightly earthy look and feel. 

We have bought out a wide range of exclusive muslin babywear products on the website, and before introducing them to you, let’s talk about the history of muslin and why it has become a staple fabric used in creating infant and baby products.

The history of muslin

A picture from the 1700s depicting fine Bangladesh muslin


The name muslin is derived from a city in Iraq called Mosul. Mosul remains one of the most culturally rich cities in the country to date. 

The first reference to the muslin fabric is in 1298 CE when the Italian merchant Marco Polo identified the fabric and mentioned it in his book.

During the 16th century, Sonargaon, a city in Bangladesh, became very popular for creating extremely delicate and soft muslin fabrics. 

Traditionally, muslin is made of 100% cotton. The specialty of muslin weaving lies in the thin yarns used. There can be 1000-2000 yarns used in one wrap, and the weaving process needs to be very gentle so as not to ruin the yarns. 

Benefits of muslin fabric

Why has muslin remained such a popular fabric for centuries now? And why do parents consciously choose muslin blankets, vests, and clothes for their newborns?

  • Comforting texture

  • Muslin clothes have a unique texture to them. They are soft but not smooth and slippery like silk. They give a sense of comfort when they come in contact with the skin. According to experts, muslin clothes may help babies calm down and offer easement. 

    Try offering your baby a muslin blanket or swaddle cloth. You may find the little one touching and feeling the fabric and pulling it closer to the body to enjoy the comfort. 

  • Extremely breathable
  • All cotton fabrics come with the advantage of being breathable. The breathability of the fabric comes from the way the yarns are woven. If you think of fabrics like polyester, the synthetic fabrics are tightly woven to one another, and as a result, air cannot pass through from one side to another. 

    With cotton, minute gaps in the woven fabric allow breathability. Muslin is one of the best cotton fabrics in terms of breathability. Muslin babywear keeps your baby cool during hot and sweaty summers. Muslin also doesn’t restrict movement and helps your baby explore their worlds while feeling cool and comfortable. 

  • Extra absorbent
  • Muslin is an extremely absorbable fabric. That means it absorbs water and sweat like a pro, leaving your baby dry quickly. There are two ways you can use muslin fabric for this. Pick up muslin towels when you bathe the little ones. 

    Put on muslin babywear clothes during summer to help handle sweating. Sweat leaves babies and toddlers uncomfortable and irritated. Constant exposure to sweat also leads to heat rashes on the skin. Muslin can prevent all this from happening.

  • Safe on sensitive skin
  • All the organic cotton clothes on our website are extremely gentle and safe on the skin. It is the same case with muslin. 

    If you have a newborn with skin prone to infections and rashes often, then muslin and other kinds of organic cotton may be better choices to pick.

  • Long-lasting 
  • Many people assume that the thicker the fabric is, the more long-lasting it will be. That isn’t the case all the time. Muslin, one of the lightest fabrics in the market right now, can be equally long-lasting if maintained well.

    With muslin, the fabric gets softer and more durable with every wash. You can use and reuse them several times without worrying about the fabric getting damaged.

    Muslin – care tips

    The only thing to be careful about muslin babywear clothes is their maintenance. Using hot water for washing or putting in harsh machine cycles may damage the yarns and ruin the softness of the material. 

    • Use gentle machine cycles to wash.
    • Pick organic, gentle laundry detergents for washing.
    • Air drying works best for muslin clothes. If using a dryer, tumble dry in low heat.
    • Iron muslin babywear in really low heat, if you have to.

    Nature’s Cuddle muslin collection

    Now comes the exciting part of introducing you to our brand-new muslin babywear collection.

    Muslin burp clothes

    One of the basic needs in homes that have newborns is a burp cloth. Burp clothes are literally one-product-does-all designs. You can use these to wipe off burps, food stains, drool, or a runny nose. The muslin material will be soft on the baby’s skin.

    These burp clothes can be washed and reused multiple times and are easy to dry too. The beautiful prints definitely help too!

    Muslin swaddles

    A swaddle cloth is a broad piece of cloth that can be used so many different ways. Our muslin blankets are amazing to swaddle newborns in. These are 100 cm X 100 cm sized and made of 100% organic cotton muslin.

    Start using it as a swaddle cloth, and once the baby starts rolling over, you can convert this into a blanket, a top bedsheet, a comfort cloth, or a feeding cover. 

    Muslin jablas

    Oh! Jablas are the cutest little vests ever, and you will know my love for Jablas because I have an entire blog just about them! 

    Our sleeveless jablas are great to have during the summer, and once the temperature starts dipping down, switch over to our full-sleeved jablas instead. These are also made of 100% organic cotton muslin and come in such adorable prints and colors.

    Muslin nappies

    If you are a parent excited about cloth diapers, then definitely consider going one more step further in picking our 100% organic muslin cloth nappies. If you are meeting a newborn, the set of three nappies we offer is a perfect gift. 

    These cloth nappies come with tie-ups and are great for infants between 0-3 months. This is one of the must-have muslin babywear, thanks to the inbuilt six layers of absorbency each of these nappies comes with. 

    Muslin combos

    If you liked our muslin nappies, vests, and burp clothes, you will fall head over heels for our combo sets. A baby dressed up in a matching muslin vest and nappy would not only look bewitching but would also be the most comfortably dressed kiddo you know. 

    All these muslin babywear products are screen printed by hand using AZO-free dyes. 

    These combos can be purchased as a set, and you will save money. These also make amazing baby shower or post-birth gifts.


    Muslin is a wonderful fabric to experiment with when it comes to infant and toddler clothes. Muslin babywear is not only comfortable on the skin but also has its own charm aesthetically. Do check out all of Nature’s Cuddle’s muslin products and give them a try. You will need to touch and feel the fabric to know what 100% organic muslin really feels like. 

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