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What makes Natures Cuddle a gender neutral baby brand and why does it matter?

What makes Natures Cuddle a gender neutral baby brand and why does it matter?

Unisex baby clothes are probably the best things that happened to the baby industry in the recent past. These are clothes that try to break gender stereotypes and stay away from the boring blues and pinks for boys and girls. To understand the value of unisex clothes, you should know a little about gender stereotyping and the history behind it.

Gender stereotyping

Baby clothes, toys, and accessories are all strictly divided into two gender-based categories these days. Sadly, even newborns have to be categorized into ‘male’ and ‘female’ genders even before they realize who they are.

Gender stereotyping is assigning a set of behaviors and characteristics to each of the genders and assuming that they will like, act, and behave in a certain way because of their gender.

For instance, if you go shopping for your girl baby, the salesperson may keep showing clothes in shades of pink or red. Blues and greys are usually assigned to boy babies.

The same is true for the type of clothes designed too. Floral designs and frilly patterns are common in clothes designed for little girls while stripes, plain colors, and prints of vehicles or animals are chosen for clothes designed for little boys.

The history behind gender stereotyping in the baby care industry

Did you know that before the 1800s, all baby clothes were by default gender neutral? Parents created clothes from whatever fabric was available to them and the same clothes were used for all brothers and sisters in the family until they wore out.

The 1960s bought with it a drastic change in people’s lives and thought. Called the ‘Social Upheaval of 1960’, this is the period brands used to introduce new styles and fashion statements to common people. Gender-specific tastes and behaviors gave into gender stereotyping. It was common and expected for men and women to choose completely different cloth choices and this idea wormed its way to the baby and child fashion industry too.

What are gender neutral clothes?

Gender neutral baby clothes give a fresh perspective to baby clothes. These are clothes consciously designed in such a way that they don’t come with gender tags. All that is needed is for you to like the material and the design. You can pick these clothes for both little boys and girls.

When parents consciously start choosing gender neutral clothes, it will force the larger brands to start creating unisex clothes too.

Why do they matter?


Letting clothes be clothes

Clothes are pieces of fabric that cover the body, give protection, and add to a person’s looks. Let’s stop at that. Why should clothes be something that helps people assume a person’s identity? A baby boy should be able to enjoy ‘so-called’ feminine colors and prints without the parents being ridiculed or shamed for it. Similarly, a baby girl should be loved equally in fluffy frocks and pantsuits.

Letting children explore their own gender preferences

Until a few years ago, there were two distinct genders – male and female. Right now, gender is a fluid term and there are so many gender identities listed. It is hence very important that you allow children to choose colors, designs, and types of clothes of their liking from very early on. To do this, dressing them up in gender neutral clothes help.

More choices

When you don’t worry about ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ categories of clothes, there are suddenly so many options available to dress your little one in. White baby clothes are classic examples of gender neutral colors. The color looks great for baby boys, baby girls, all toddlers, and children of all ages. If you have more than one child at home, then you can pass on these white clothes from the elder to the younger child, without worrying about gender preferences.

Easier to shop from

Let’s say you want to shop for newborn clothes for a friend who is about to give birth. Gender neutral baby gifts are perfect and easier to shop for. You can pick neutral colors without worrying about what gender the baby is going to be. If you are an expecting mother picking up clothes for your unborn baby, then such neutral colors make so much more sense too.

Natures Cuddle and our fight against gender stereotypes

Being parents ourselves, we strongly believe in letting children grow without any kind of stereotypes attached to them. That’s why we ensure none of our products have a gender tag attached to them. Most of the colors that we choose are unisex.

Even the pinks and blues we have are subtle shades and lovely hues that look great on all little ones, despite their gender.

All that we care about is how comfortable the baby is and how safe the fabric is on the baby’s skin. All Natures Cuddle products are organic cotton clothes that are absolutely safe on the skin. Organic cotton is farmed and produced using gentle techniques and is safe for the environment too.

Check out some of our gender neutral clothes

Do check out some of our unisex organic baby clothes that are a hit!


T-shirts are classic unisex clothes that are comfortable wears for babies of all ages. Our t-shirts come in sizes ranging from 0 to 24 months. The set of 2 yellow t-shirts are perfect gender neutral gifts for babies.


The gender neutral set of 2 shorts are comfortable to wear on top of both disposable and cloth diapers and provide a generous fit. Our gender neutral shorts can be worn with t-shirts, shirts, and onesies too.


Onesies are perfect newborn wears that go great with diapers. If you want to gift newborn clothes that are useful and practical, have no second thoughts and pick our unisex onesies.




Bringing up kids in an environment that is free, inclusive, and liberating is the best gift parents can give their children. The first step towards this is picking up gender neutral products, including clothes, toys, and books.

Let’s not label clothes for boys and girls. Let’s not create different clothes for boys and girls either. Let them enjoy different colored and different types of clothes as they grow up and create their own unique identities.

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