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A beautiful review from a mom about Nature's Cuddle. Why and how she choose the brand and how it has helped her son and the environment.

Hi, I am Amrutha, and this is my journey and experience with organic baby clothes. My son, let's call him R, was born in late 2020. He will be two years soon. As an adult, I have always been cautious about the products we use as a family. You can see a lot of cast iron, wood, and glass cookware in my kitchen. We always take cloth bags for shopping and avoid plastics as much as possible. After R was born, I was very sure that I wouldn't use disposable diapers for the same reason.

Research says that it takes up to 500 years for one disposable diaper to decompose in the soil! The product also releases many toxic gases in the process. My search for cloth nappies led me to Nature's Cuddle's page. This is an organic baby cloth brand that stocks up cotton nappies in free sizes.

Nature's Cuddle was my introduction to organic cotton, to be honest. I never assumed the soft cotton could be doing so much harm to the environment and to people growing and using them. Here are some facts you should know too.

  1. About 55% of the pesticides used in India go towards growing cotton!
  2. Most of the cotton grown in India uses genetically modified seeds. Bt cotton is the common genetically modified variant.
  3. While the world, on average, uses 10,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of cotton, India uses, on average, 22,500 liters! That's twice as much.
  4. Bt cotton also depletes more nutrients from the soil than other crops.

While we take so much care in choosing organic produce to eat at home, we haven't thought much about using cotton grown using the harshest fertilizers. To give organic cotton a chance, I picked the cotton nappies and the kimono onesies from Nature's Cuddle. The cotton was definitely super soft to touch, and the colors pleasing. Otherwise, honestly, I couldn't find any significant difference between these organic cotton onesies and the regular cotton ones we already had at home.

But everything changed as we started using both these onesies. I could see Nature's Cuddle's onesies getting softer with every wash. Because the dye used was eco-friendly and minimal, there was no color bleeding or other fabric-related problems while washing. We ensured we used a gentle machine cycle, and that was enough to maintain the onesie.

We slowly stopped getting random clothes for R and had a list of organic baby clothes brands we would buy everything from. Nature's Cuddle remained one of our most loved websites to get newborn baby clothes.

The brand does not suffocate you with hundreds of options and that, by itself, was something I loved on this site. The descriptions are very clear, and the clothes, comfortable and roomy enough. The use of elastics in strategic areas means that the clothes can be used for an extended period of time, which is another thing I like about Nature's Cuddle.

Apart from all this, I am happy that I do my part to keep the environment safe. When the demand for Bt cotton reduces and people start choosing organic cotton as a norm, the farmers would also move away from having to give in to the demands. They would get the freedom to grow healthy and safe crops. I think this is the way forward.

We are happy to get this detailed write-up from Amrutha, and she is now a part of Nature's Cuddle's family. Here are some questions we asked her about the products she used from Nature's Cuddle and her answers. Hope these help you get a better idea about organic baby clothes as a consumer.

1. Are you able to completely avoid normal cotton and choose only organic cotton?

When R was an infant, most of R's clothes and accessories were from Nature's Cuddle. However, I feel this is a little more challenging as he grows up. We are not able to do this 100% because we keep receiving gifts from friends and family and don't want to throw them away. So my son has a mix of organic cotton clothes and regular ones. We keep exploring the market for organic options all the time, though.

2. What are your personal favourites from the Nature's Cuddle catalog?

The nappies have always remained my absolute favourite. They were lifesavers when R was an infant. I would also recommend mothers give the wraparounds a try. We have used these so many different ways and still have them in the car as a throw for R when he feels cold. This is a versatile piece of large fabric. If you live in very cold places, the footed romper definitely needs to be on your to-buy list.

3. What are your three primary reasons people need to switch to organic cotton clothes?

1.It is safer on the baby's skin. Some infants may be born with susceptible skin that erupts into rashes and infections on exposure to these toxins in cotton. It is better to be safe.

2.It is safer for the environment. You know you are not contributing to the production of GMOs.

3.It makes you feel better that you are choosing your child's safest products.

Nature's Cuddle is your one-stop destination to buy 100% organic cotton clothes and accessories in India. Our new-born baby clothes include onesies, rompers, cloth nappies, and footed rompers. For slightly older infants and toddlers, we create leg suits, shorts, pants, T-shirts, frocks, and frilled bloomers. Our hampers are perfect gifts for expecting or new moms.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more about Nature's Cuddle and our promise to bring you 100% organic clothes.

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