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It is every new mother’s dream to dress-up and adorn their little ones with the choicest of clothes and accessories.


It is every new mother’s dream to dress-up and adorn their little ones with the choicest of clothes and accessories. Gone are the days when babies would be dressed in hand-me-downs. The new-born fashion industry is now abuzz with the latest, most sustainable and eco-friendly baby clothing options for your little one.

 When it comes to dressing up a baby, it all boils down to personal preference. You might decide to go with something soft and simple, or you might want to inject a bit of style to really make an impact. Either way, the two factors that need to be considered in dressing a baby are comfort and warmth. When these factors come together, a bit of personalisation and style will make your baby’s outfit look great.

Have you ever wondered how you can dress up your baby for an occasion, or a photoshoot or to just make your baby look fashionable and trendy? 

 Here are ten handpicked new-born Outfit Ideas, curated to make your baby feel comfortable and look dapper!


  1. Onesies : The Staple of the New-Born Wardrobe

    A onesie is a loosely fitted bodysuit for infants which covers the torso. Other than serving as comfy sleepwear for little ones, it also facilitates easy nappy change as it is equipped with a flap over the crotch. It gives the baby enough freedom to flap the arms and legs! Organic Cotton Onesies are most preferred as they let the baby’s skin breathe and feel comfortable. If you want to add a dash of personalisation, a small motif can be printed or embroidered on the onesie!

  2. Rompers and Body Suits : Being Dressed to Impress

    Rompers and Bodysuits with sleeves, are your perfect choice for giving your little one a casual yet smart look. They cover your baby’s legs and arms till the ankle and wrist respectively, making them the ideal outdoor and nightwear outfit for babies. Rompers usually have buttons to facilitate easy nappy change without undressing the baby. Rompers come in a variety of colours, print and patterns and babies look adorable in them.

  3. Elegance of Crochet and Knitting

    Infanthood is the best time for children to wear knitted and crocheted fabrics. While these fabrics do provide sufficient warmth, they look exquisite and elegant on babies. Smocked clothes are another great option for little ones. These clothes look adorable on babies and give the outfit a customised feel and look. Knitwear made of organic cotton textiles are best as it allows the child’s skin to breathe and feel comfortable.

  4. Fashionable frocks for your princess

    It is the wish of every girl’s mother to dress her Princess in the finest of frocks. From everyday cotton frocks to partywear, the range is just vast! For everyday use, a few sets of cotton frocks are sufficient. For bigger occasions, such a weddings and parties, dresses such as tutu frocks may be worn. In addition to the dress, adorn your girl with a matching hairband and you are sure to go ‘aww’ as you see how adorable your daughter is.

  5. Being Dressed to Rock the Party

    You may have to take your baby for functions and social gatherings. To be the star of the occasion, your baby needs to be attired accordingly. Suits and delicate gowns pave the way to ensure that your child looks his or her best during these occasions. Baby Suits coupled with a button-on Bowtie or a delicately hand-crafted dress will ensure that you baby isn’t just cute, but handsome and dressed for the occasion as well!.

  6. Going Ethnic and Traditional

    Who said that Kurtas and Pavadais are only meant for grown up children? Purchase a set of miniature kurtha-pyjama or Ghagra-cholis and let your little ones rule the roost. You can also purchase stick-on dhotis and ready-made sarees that are available for children as young as a few weeks old. Hand-made cotton baby clothes are a favourite pick for ethnic occasions as they let your baby feel secure and comfortable.

  7. Happy Home Wear : Leggings, Pyjamas and Night suits

    Leggings, Night Suits and Pyjamas are the most commonly worn home-wear among adults and this trend is spreading to new-borns as well. They keep the child warm if necessary and also protect the child against mosquito and insect bites. A variety of leggings, pattered with floral, fruit and cartoon prints are available for little ones. While the pyjamas look great when worn with Jablas or Baby t-shirts, a frock or a loose t-shirt goes well with leggings.

  8. Being Minimal and Trendy with Jablas

    In warm climates, babies usually feel uncomfortable wearing multiple layers of clothes. A Jabla proves your little one just about enough protection to feel comfortable and look charming. Most Jablas are just a top which can be pulled over the baby’s head. Some come with tie-on straps or Velcro to make it easier to put on your little one. Unisex Bloomers made of organic cotton go well with the Jablas.

  9. Overalls and Dungarees

    Coveralls, Overalls, Dungarees, call them what whatever you want, they look great on new-borns. The only disadvantage of these overalls is that if they need to be removed, the baby needs to be undressed completely. However, with changing times we have button down overalls, which makes it easier for the mother to undress the child if necessary. Pinafore type overalls are also a popular and smart option for girl babies.

  10. Accessorising the Outfits for a Change in Look

    While adults’ accessories to look trendy, babies need to be kept warm and comfortable. Using sweaters and baby hoodies is one option to make your child feel warm. Bibs, Mittens, booties and Hats are the most sought-after accessories that keep your baby warm. Matching accessories to go with your baby’s outfit can add to the cuteness of your baby’s look.

The Baby’s comfort and safety is always a mothers first priority. To facilitate this, Baby Clothes should be comfortable, soft and easy to take care of. Soft and stretchy clothes are the best for everyday wear.

As for the choice of material for everyday wear, Organic cotton clothes are a good choice as they will keep your baby cooler in hot weather than clothes made from synthetic or in-organic fibres.

Ethical baby clothes made of other naturally sourced materials are also a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe. These textiles keep your child free from the allergies caused by chemicals and dyes that go into the processing of conventional fabrics and promote sustainability at the same time.

Planning a new-born’s wardrobe can help the mother get a good idea of picking out the right dresses for any season or occasion around the year. A comfortable baby is always a happy baby!

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