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Giving out gifts on special occasions is something very common across countries. Gifts are perfect ways to tell people that you care about them. What can be a more befitting occasion for gifting than childbirth?

Childbirth is celebrated with pomp and splendor and it is normal to keep expecting friends and family to drop over to see the mother and the newborn and offer a newborn gift. If you have had the experience of this in your family, then can you list the normal gifts you and the baby were offered then?


- Grooming essential sets that include soaps, shampoos, powders, and     hair oil

- Multi-colored shirts, pants, and shorts that are usually several sizes big and unusable for at least the first six months

- Plastic rattles and toys

- Sweets

Now, how many of these gifts did you actually use for the child? When it comes to grooming and skincare products, parents have specific brands in mind. The baby could have sensitive skin and random branded products they receive as baby gifts are usually recycled back to the gifting cycle and reach another family who does the same. It is, in fact, normal for these grooming sets to keep getting recycled until they expire!

Newborns need a lot of cloth changes in a day. They also cannot handle blended cotton, rayon, and other materials that can lead to skin rashes and allergies. Many parents are against using plastic toys for younger infants as the little ones put the toys in the mouth and the risk of toxins and artificial colors getting ingested is high. Please avoid gifting these plastic toys if you can.

Sweets are great but are not useful for the babies are they? So what other new born baby gifts can you choose? Here are some other useful, safer, and more practical options that the parents will thank you for.


  1. Money

Money is a no-fuss, really useful, and absolutely practical gift for a newborn. By gifting money, you give the parents complete freedom to choose the gift of their choice. This is great for a lot of reasons.

  • New parents have a lot of expenses to deal with and your cash can help
  • Parents usually have a wish list made for the baby and they can pick something out of the list with the money you gift
  • Some parents choose to start a savings account for their baby and this money can go in as savings for the future
  • It is an easy gift. You just need to decide on the budget and nothing else.


  1. Gift cards

Some people are not very comfortable receiving money as a gift. In such cases, gift card is the next best option. You can pick gift cards from baby brands that offer a variety of products. eCommerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart also offer gift cards and these are pretty useful too. Gift cards are available from 500 and have at least one year of validity.


  1. 100% cotton clothes

If you really want to pick clothes for the little one, then Natures Cuddle is one brand you can trust and rely on. Did you know that all the clothes that you choose from our website are made of 100% pure organic cotton? These don’t use any kind of harsh chemical in either the farming or the production process.

Read our blog on how organic cotton is made to know the efforts it takes in bringing eco-friendly clothes to your wardrobe.

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the material and can be sure you are gifting the best possible fabric right now in the market. We assure you of rich quality fabric and high definition printing using organic colors.

For newborns, we offer onesies, rompers, and footed rompers. All these are available from size 0. We make sure the colors we pick are neutral and unisex. You can opt for the cash-on-delivery option too and we deliver all over the country.


  1. Wooden toys

One of the ever-popular newborn gift ideas that people have always loved is toys. The colorful, much cheaper plastic toys available everywhere in the market have a few problems though.

  • They are made of materials like BPA and PVC that are extremely toxic
  • These toys come with sharp edges that can be dangerous to the infant
  • Such cheaper toys don’t last long
  • They are not safe for the environment too

Instead, pick wooden toys that are made consciously. Several Indian brands have come up with handmade wooden toys that don’t use artificial paint. These are made with rounded edges, are very durable, and can be used for a long time. Look for these brands and buy age-appropriate toys for newborns.


  1. Everyday accessories

Other than everyday wear, there are also a lot of other accessories that newborns need. These also make great gifting options. Just like our apparel range, these baby and bathing essentials are also made of 100% organic cotton and are perfect to use on sensitive baby skin. Here are some of the accessories you can pick up. All these will be definitely useful for newborns and infants.

  • Burp clothes in soft shades
  • Wraparounds or swaddle clothes to keep the baby warm and cozy (these come in awesome prints and make perfect gifting options)
  • Towels to make bath time comfortable and fun
  • Wash clothes that will turn into one-cloth-does all for the parent and the little one


  1. Nappies

Now, this is something the parents will thank you from the heart for! In the first 3 months of a baby’s life, peeing is as common as feeding. Every time the baby pees, the parents have to change nappies, and every day, it is normal to wash 15-20 nappies. Having multiple sets of nappies make it easier to handle pee and poo confidently.

Our 100% organic cotton nappies are extremely breathable and absorbing. The set of 6 or the set of 12 nappies from Natures Cuddle are awesome baby newborn gifts.


  1. New born gift sets

We know how important the act of gifting is for you and the person receiving it. That is why we have put together new born gift sets that come with all basic items needed for the newborn.

Our New Mom Must Have Ultimate Jumbo Box has always been our absolute best seller. This comes with a total of 30 pieces including nappies, washcloths, burp cloths, swaddles, and towels. This set can be ordered in either pink or blue.

Want something a little more affordable? How about the Baby Essential Hamper set with 9 solid pieces? This includes a swaddle blanket, a hooded towel, a terry towel, and sets of 3 burp cloths and washcloths each. This also comes in blue and pink shades.

The First Year Bundle of Joy is another cute little hamper set that includes onesies, wash clothes, burp cloths, a swaddle blanket, a hooded towel, and a terry towel. This set can be used for up to a year comfortably.


Your gift has to matter. A good gift will be remembered for a long time and every time the person uses it, it will bring a smile to his/her face. A newborn brings joy, excitement, and positivity to not just the family but to those around too. You can be a part of the celebration by choosing one of the above newborn gift ideas that can make a difference. If in doubt, pick something from Natures Cuddle. You will not go wrong!



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