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One Piece Bodysuits? Check out all the fun options that we have on Natures Cuddle and try them out. We are sure you will fall in love with these delicate, squishy, and plush one-piece suits.

Baby clothes - rompers and playsuits

If you have always spent a lot of time trying to choose the right clothes for you, wait till you start picking out baby clothes! The sheer kinds and options in the market will make you swoon. It also doesn’t help that all baby clothes look cute and buy-worthy.

One particular category of clothes that are comfortable, practical, and super cute for babies is one-piece suits. One-piece suits are what the name says exactly. They are single-piece designs that cover from the neck to the crotch, the knees, or the feet. Based on what kind of coverage they provide and their use, there are two basic kinds of suits you should know about – rompers and playsuits.

What are rompers?

Rompers are kinds of suits that usually stop at the crotch or the thighs. These are comfortable and come with short sleeves or tank top designs. The bottom part is fitted with Snap-on. Rompers that close to the crotch area are also called newborn baby suits or onesies. Look at some of the romper collections we have.

baby rompers and playsuitsbaby rompers and playsuits

Our rompers are available in beautiful and eye-pleasing colors like yellow, blue, pink, and green. If you have a baby girl at home, absolutely place an order for these frilled sleeve rompers that we have. They are so charming and endearing and available for babies between the months of 0 and 24.

baby rompers

In hot summers, sleeveless rompers are perfect to keep the baby cool and comfortable. These sleeveless crotch-fitted rompers can also be used under normal clothes to add a layer during winter. This way, these models can be used over the year regularly.

What are playsuits?

Now, playsuits have similar functionalities as rompers but the difference lies in the length of the bottom and sleeves. Most playsuits cover the baby from neck to feet. They come with full-sleeves and full pants. Playsuits are used as sleepwear, especially when the temperature drops down and it gets cold. Playsuits come with zippers or Snap-on that cover from the chest to the knee or even lower. These can be pulled all the way from the feet to the top in one quick motion.

Our growsuits are very popular with parents as these are cozy, super soft, and keep the feet covered. These grow suits are available in sizes starting from months 0 to 18.

baby growsuits

Tips to use rompers and playsuits right

  • Pick up rompers for summer. These are extremely comfortable and help the child stay cool.
  • If you are taking your little one for day-time outings, rompers are again perfect. However, look for rompers with prints and cute embellishments that make them occasional-wears rather than everyday-wears.
  • Planning for an evening visit to the park? You may want to pick playsuits over rompers. Evenings bring with themselves the menace of mosquitoes and other insects and playsuits cover the child fully.
  • If you want to use rompers for the night, put on a pajama pant or legging first, and then use the romper as a top. This way, the child is protected and cozy while sleeping.
  • Footed playsuits are great for infants. For slightly older toddlers who have learned to walk, skip the footed ones and choose regular, ankle-length playsuits.
  • Do you have a toddler and a newborn at home? Choose similar colors and patterns of rompers for the newborn and playsuits for the toddler. Doesn’t that sound downright adorable? People will be gaping at the Instagram photos of your children with these matching sets!
  • Choose loose rompers and playsuits for the day and slightly fitted ones for the night.
  • Rompers with ample room for movement will not restrict babies from crawling and moving around. This is important if your baby is on the verge of crossing major milestones.
  • Choose rompers and playsuits with elastic leg openings. These are more practical, easy to use, and can be used for a longer time.
  • Always pick the right materials. The rompers and playsuits from NaturesCuddle are made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton here is sourced and processed responsibly and the result is lovely and soft clothes that get softer with every wash and are super comfortable to wear.
  • Ensure no toxic chemical dyes are used in making the baby clothes. These dyes can cause skin allergies in babies with sensitive skin.

baby growsuits

Using rompers and playsuits

There are no set rules when it comes to dressing up your little one! You can use sleeveless rompers as tank tops and pair them with nice cotton trousers or shorts. As your child grows up, it takes a quick snap of scissors to convert a playsuit that’s become small into a pair of comfortable short-romper. Add a denim jacket over a solid playsuit and your child is party-ready.

Having single pieces of clothes make it easy to wash and maintain them. For newborns and infants who are still not able to sit or stand independently, these are by far the easiest types of clothes to put on.

Check out all the fun options that we have on NaturesCuddle and try them out. We are sure you will fall in love with these delicate, squishy, and plush one-piece suits.


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