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What exactly does an Indian parent need to build a perfect nursery?

Shopping for your newborn is the most precious thing there ever is. If you're a first-time parent you probably might be wondering where to start. The baby nursery is the first thing that you should be planning as it should be made ready even before your baby is born. What exactly does an Indian parent need to build a perfect nursery? You might sort the help of Google to research products and ideas. But we Indians don't need the products listed in Google as the ones listed are mostly used in the western countries. Items like baby monitors, diaper piles, etc are not really necessary as we co-sleep with our babies. Indian baby nurseries are absolutely different. That is why we have compiled a checklist that is solely focussed on what Indian parents need. Also, in the excitement of purchasing the best of the best for your little one, you often forget to keep track of things. You can fix a budget and buy things that are absolutely essential for the comfort of your baby.

Here is an ultimate checklist of everything you need to make your baby's nursery perfect!

  • Baby bedding

The bed or a crib is where your newborn is going to spend most of their time. So purchasing a proper bed is a must. While choosing a bed make sure it is safe for your baby to sleep alone. Or if you're co-sleeping, you should have a mattress that is suitable for the baby. Most of the Indian parents choose co-sleeping as it is the safest option. But most newborns sleep 16-17 hours a day. Having separate bedding for them is a wise option. If you're using a crib then a cotton crib sheet or a mattress is what you should be buying next. The cotton mattress & sheet are best as cotton is durable, soft, breathable and washable. 

Baby blankets are the most important part of the bedding. The blanket should be cosy enough yet ensure breathability. It should be light during the summers and warm during winters. Choose a hypoallergenic material that is soft on your baby's skin and the blanket being chemical-free is also a high prerogative. Organic cotton blankets make the most comfortable and healthy option as they are fine, natural and durable. Make sure you buy soft and light baby pillows as well.

  • Toys and entertainment

While picking the toys for your baby's nursery you should be analysing a lot of things. Toys are not just for your baby's entertainment but also they aid in their overall development. Can the toy contribute to the growth of your child both physically and psychologically? This is the first question you should be asking yourself. Is it safe and long-lasting is also another important point to be noted.

Danglers are one of the first things you should be including in your child's nursery. It is proven to promote brain development through visual stimulation and also the pleasant sound if the dangler helps ease your child into a deep sleep. There are several ranges of danglers available in the market, buy the one that is of high quality as it should be lasting for a year or a year and a half. Choose toys with tunes or lights as your child responds more to them than other stuffed toys which can be bought during the later years. A self-discovery mirror can also be among your top toys purchase list. Babies are usually bored with the same toys, it is important you change them often.

  • Playing mat

Playing mat should be soft and comfortable to touch as your baby is going to learn to sit and crawl on the mat. Make sure the mat is of a larger size so that your baby can have spacious time with their toys. The playmat you choose should be water-resistant as well as it is easier to wipe off inevitable spills. Playmats can be used even after your child learns to walk so be prepared for that too. Buy the one that is slip-resistant as babies tend to slip in the beginning stages while learning to walk.

With your tiny little one, it's all about having the right things in place at the right time. It's obviously going to be messy during the first few months and having your bibs, burp cloths in place is crucial. Choose bibs that have snap fasteners for attachment and burp cloths that are highly absorbent. As for the material, pure organic cotton clothes are always good for your baby as they protect your baby from rashes or other allergies. Wraparounds give your baby a warm and cosy feeling. It serves as a nursing cover as well when you have to carry your baby with you while you're out. Again, organic cotton wraparounds are a safe and secure option.

Newborns need their nappies changed more than 10 times a day and to have your diapers, diaper rash creams handy is vital. Also, having your massage oils & baby lotions in the nursery can help you in staying organised. Massage your baby before bath as it improves their bone and muscle function. If you're not big on using diapers, you can go old-school and use soft cotton absorbent cloth instead.

Baby clothes are a valuable part of the nursery. Choose a range of onesies that can help your baby stay happy all day. Having more than three onesies can help you to change as and when you need. While picking the onesie, make sure it is durable and comfortable with a snap-button closure as it is soft and doesn't hurt your baby's thigh. The quality also should be great, preferably organic cotton fabric that is natural, pure and keeps your baby smiling all day.


We have covered all the basic items necessary to create a perfect nursery for your baby. Do not invest too much money in buying things that are over the top or expensive. Stick to the basics as your baby is always growing and will need new things eventually. Our recommendation is to go for organic and eco-friendly products as they are 100% safe for your baby. Don't forget to add a lot of cuddles to the nursery as well!


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