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Dressing up your infant for a safe and comfortable new-born photography session is important to consider. Read here..

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New-born photoshoots have become almost a ritual in most families immediately after the baby’s birth. Some families choose to call the photographer right to the hospital to take candid pictures of the first few days, while others arrange for elaborate setups at home to take professional, stunning pictures of the little ones. New-born photography in India is a fast-growing and in-demand service for new parents.

My parents didn’t have childhood photos taken at all. I was photographed at 6+ months. It is incredible how these little ones get a chance to be photographed like a celebrity after just a few days of being born.

Infant photography is popular because it allows parents to celebrate after a tiring and challenging pregnancy. If you have kids at home, you’ll agree on how quickly these little ones grow. Capturing them in their prime innocence helps parents store this memory forever. This is the idea behind newborn photography.

If you are planning for one such newborn photoshoot, there are five points to keep in mind to ensure the experience is safe and comfortable for the little one. This list includes everything from choosing the right clothes for the infant photoshoot to identifying the baby’s cues and knowing when to pause.

Choosing the right photographer

The entire experience of the newborn photoshoot depends on the team that handles the process. The following are some differences between regular professional and newborn photography in India.  

  • Newborn photographers know the safe poses that work for infants.
  • They are incredibly patient and spend a lot of time getting just one shot right.
  • Newborn photographers know the tricks to soothe the baby and get the perfect shot.
  • You can trust newborn photographers to pick and handle the baby with extreme care.

For all these reasons, I would suggest you pay slightly more for a professional newborn photographer to enjoy the experience fully.  

Ahaana Photography is one such experienced and professional newborn service offering in Chennai. They offer newborn, maternity, toddler, and family portrait sessions customized to each client. You could contact them for a free consultation to understand the magic they create with their cameras.

Picking out the perfect clothes for infant photoshoots

Image source: https://ahaanaphotography.com/new-born/

While many newborn photographers have a set of clothes and accessories they use on the babies, as parents, you are free to pick your clothes for the infant photoshoot. I would prefer doing this because you can decide precisely on the prints, color, and style of the clothes, and it is also better for the sensitive skin of newborns.

The one thing I recommend when it comes to newborn clothes for photoshoots is to always, always choose comfort over style.

Some of these newborn clothes (especially the ethnic ones) look amazing, but they are incredibly uncomfortable for the baby, and this would show up in the pictures. Many photographers recommend bare skin and bottoms to make the photos more realistic.

Image source: https://naturescuddle.com/collections/new-born-nappy/products/cloth-nappy-featuring-sophistic-6-layer-absorption?variant=41045408153634

This works well, and you could pick up our white cloth nappies, which photograph exceptionally beautifully. 

If you are keen on clothing the baby, footed rompers or onesies are great choices. Our 0–3-month onesies are comfortable enough to put over disposable or cloth diapers and are subtle and smart choices.

The footed rompers or grow suits, especially those with zig-zag stripes, are our photo favorites. I always have a soft spot for newborns in white dresses. They look like angels straight from heaven.

That’s why most of Nature’s Cuddle’s catalogs predominantly have whites.

Maintaining ambient temperature 

Newborn photos typically take a few hours, and the photographers prefer if the baby sleeps through the process. You can ensure this by setting the ambient room temperature right. 

If you use air conditioners, ensure the temperature is 20-23 degrees Celsius. If not, keeping the windows open and finding a cooler room in summer and a cozier room in winter for the shoot will help.

Working with the photographer to pick safe props and accessories


Image source: https://ahaanaphotography.com/new-born/

Props are accessories placed in the surroundings or used on the baby to make the photos stand out. Here are some of the standard props newborn photographers use.

  • Baby wraps
  • Headbands, hats, bonnets, and scarves
  • Beanbags and bowls
  • Fluffy bedding

While newborn photographers generally take extra care in choosing and maintaining these props, if your baby was born with skin conditions like eczema, it would be better for you to use the props you have at home.

Talk to the photographer in advance and ask about their prop sources to be sure. Baby wraps are trendy props in newborn photography in India. Nature’s Cuddle’s swaddles could be the perfect wrap for your little one. Unlike the woolen ones in the market, these are made of 100% organic muslin and don’t irritate the sensitive skin of your little ones.

Image source - https://naturescuddle.com/collections/swaddle/products/swaddle-stardust?variant=41088801210402

These swaddles are soft and highly comfortable and can be used later on as crib clothes, blankets, nursing covers, or comfort fabrics for the baby.

If you think any of the surrounding props pose a risk of falling on the child or hurting them, please talk about it with the photographer or their team. They would always be more than ready to make changes or explain.

Identifying baby cues

Finally, the most important thing about baby photography is to ensure the newborn feels safe, comfortable, and cozy. Make sure to be around the baby during the shoot, and do not hesitate to take a break if the baby needs to be fed or has gotten fussy.

If you think the clothes for the infant photoshoot are making the child uncomfortable, then stop and change into something softer and with more room instantly. It is not worth putting the child in discomfort just to get good pictures. The little one should enjoy the process, too. 


In India, brands like Ahaana Photography are doing a great job enhancing the newborn photography market and ensuring the family gets to treasure professional photos of their babies forever. If you have been searching for adorable and highly comfortable clothes for your infant’s photoshoot, we recommend you check Nature’s Cuddle’s website.

All our products are made of 100% organic cotton and are ethically sourced and produced. They are designed keeping in mind the safety of your babies, and you will find all the clothes and baby essentials you need to keep your newborn happy here.

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