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Finding the balance between impressive clothes and comfort is the key when you are shopping for 1 year baby girl dresses in India. This read should help you pick the right clothes for your little girl. 

Babies grow fast! It may look like your little princess was born only yesterday, but you are already all geared up to celebrate her first birthday! How exciting is this, right? Amidst all the party planning that you have already started doing, you definitely must not have forgotten clothes shopping. Have you already started exploring 1 year baby girl dress online shopping?  

Are you left extremely confused? We empathize with you. The choices online are never-ending, and it is all about picking the perfect dress and wanting the best value for your money, isn’t it?

Do not worry. In this article, we present the top online and offline places to look for birthday wear for your little girl. These places offer great choices, products at different price ranges, and an easy shopping experience. 


Firstcry is, without a doubt, where you can find hundreds of party wear and girls ki new dresses, whichever part of India you are from. The advantages of choosing this eCommerce website are the sheer number of choices you get and the varied price range. Firstcry also delivers anywhere within the country in less than a week.


One possible disadvantage of buying from an eCommerce website is not being aware of what you would get because there are literally thousands of sellers on such platforms. The display photos may be great, but the actual products and their quality will always remain a surprise!

Many people hesitate to choose clothes for such a significant event in their kids’ lives online. If you are one such person, you could visit Google or any other search engine and look for ‘Firstcry near me.’ This would give you the details of their offline stores near you. You can visit the store and pick the dress of your choice. However, please be aware that your choices in the stores may be limited compared to their online availability.


Just like Firstcry, Myntra is another eCommerce website that gives you immense options when it comes to 1-year baby girl dresses for online shopping. Again, the prices are highly flexible, ranging from INR 100 and going beyond INR 10,000. Myntra may also pose the problem of having to wade through thousands of sellers and picking the right one.

Another potential problem with girls’ dresses, especially the partywear ones, is the material quality. Rough clothes, artificial dyes, and accessories like buttons and zips can hurt the sensitive skin of the little ones. So, definitely spend some time reading reviews, looking at the product photos closely, and picking products that are designed with babies in mind.

Little Muffet

Little Muffet is a relatively new entrant in the kids' clothing industry, and its options are pretty good. This online-only brand stocks clothes for kids aged 0-15. There are many fun partywear girls ki new dresses with the brand. However, do be aware that the designs are almost always slightly expensive. Make sure you check the size chart before you pick something for your little princess’s birthday because if there is one thing that can make a happy baby instantly cranky, it is tight clothes.

Also, here is a pro tip for new parents: Do not buy your baby’s clothes months in advance for any special occasion like a birthday or a wedding because babies grow really fast! Decide on what you want, but pick the actual dress just a few weeks in advance to make sure it fits comfortably. 

Nature’s Cuddle

How can we not talk about our passion – Nature’s Cuddle when we talk about baby girl clothes? Our clothes may not be your typical partywear designs. However, imagine this scenario. Your baby’s been in a lacy, fluffy, Cinderella-type ballgown for the last few hours and celebrated her birthday in style. Now the photos are done, and it is time to change her into something soft, comfortable, and breathable so she can relax and enjoy the rest of the party. What do you put her into? A Nature’s Cuddle organic cotton dress or a legsuit, of course!

Everyday short sleeve baby Tees - Set

The right clothes instantly make a difference in how a baby feels, and that is why all our clothes are designed to be naturally expandable, extremely soft, even after multiple washes, and use skin-friendly, safe dyes. We choose subtle and elegant dyes for all our clothes and these photograph well!

If you want to touch and experience Nature’s Cuddle’s clothes, we would love for you to walk into our Adyar store, feel the fabric, and talk to our founders before making a pick. We are open between 11 AM and 5 PM and are located at: 

Nature's Cuddle

No.5, First Floor, Nehru Nagar 2nd St

Adyar, Chennai- 20


If you are a parent who wants everything to be different on your baby’s first birthday, why not pick a handmade, unique dress to match? Etsy is a great place to look for artisans who can create baby girl dresses in colors, designs, and sizes you want. There are a lot of artisans to choose from, and while you may have to do the basic research by reading reviews and looking at their past work, this is a sure way to ensure your baby’s dress is a focal point in the party.


Westside is part of the Tata Group and offers both online and offline babywear throughout the country. While this brand does not have really heavy work partywear clothes for baby girls, you will find comfortable, brightly colored clothes that may be great for themed birthdays. Westside mostly stocks frocks, and you may not be able to pick up other kinds of baby girl dresses, which can be slightly disappointing.  


Hopscotch India has been in the market since 2012. It is an affordable website that partners with different vendors around the world to market boys' and girls' new dresses in the country. The brand also has in-house designer wear clothes in addition to vendor-placed items.

1 Year Baby Girl Dress – Comfort Vs Style

This is a question that all parents have when they are choosing 1 year baby girl dress online or from physical stores. How do you decide between comfort and style? Here is what some of the Nature’s Cuddle parents say.

“For kids <2 years, comfort should always be the priority because these little ones cannot express how the dress feels on them and would probably react by getting uncomfortable and cranky. We surely don’t want that on their special day.” – Rekha, Adyar Chennai

“I love sparkly, shiny clothes, but I have realized that my kids don’t actually function great in them. So we have made a compromise of always carrying spare soft, cotton clothes that they can change into once we are done doing whatever we do.” – Sarah, K.K Nagar Chennai

“I have this amazing trick of putting on something really soft, like a Nature’s Cuddle onesie first and then putting on whatever partywear clothes we have chosen for the occasion. This definitely helps create a barrier between my baby’s skin and the rough lace and embellishments most of these clothes come with!” – Megha, Bangalore.  


First-year birthdays are definitely a milestone in your life as a new parent and in the lives of the little ones at home and clothes, without a doubt, oomph up the event and create memories for life. Finding the balance between impressive clothes and comfort is the key when you are shopping for 1 year baby girl dresses in India. Get what your heart desires but also ensure the fabric is comfortable and safe enough for your baby.

When in doubt, adding a base layer of comfortable and soft clothes before putting on partywear is a great idea. Whatever partywear you choose, make sure to carry a spare set, something soft and comfortable to change into, preferably a Nature’s Cuddle set (wink wink), is a smart move!  

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