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Want to be well organised with a new born baby in the house? Here's how... Read the blog to know.



Have you thought about this? The smaller the human being, the more the wardrobe space requirement! 

New-borns need an entire full-sized wardrobe to hold their stuff in, and things still manage to spill outside, occupying bags and boxes all around the house. 

Infant garments are incredibly tiny. But the sheer volume of these little clothes can make any parent take a step back in panic.

When not organized right, you often use the same clothes while the newer ones remain hidden in glee in the corners of the shelves. Come a few months, and you'll find yourself with brand new baby clothes that haven't been worn yet but are already outgrown.  

If you are an overwhelmed parent, do not worry. Here are ten awesome baby clothes organizer tips that will help you go through the existing pile and sort them in a way that's practical and easy to access.

1.Label the boxes and shelves for easy access

One of the easiest ways to organize infant garments is by labelling the shelves, drawers, and boxes in advance and following that rule every time you stack freshly washed clothes. You can have one shelf for just burp clothes and another for cloth diapers and nappies. 

Have a separate shelf for tops and bottom wear. Doing this lets you close your eyes and pick an outfit effortlessly. 

2.File fold or spiral fold 

It is easier to fold larger adult clothes, don't you think? These tiny clothes are extremely elusive to fold and even more challenging to stack one on top of another. The solution to this is file folding or spiral folding. 

So many tricks on YouTube and other parental blogging sites teach you how to spiral fold or file fold. Try these to save space and still be able to sort out baby clothes quickly. 

One trick we have is for you to spiral-fold new-born set clothes together. Roll them into one spiral so it is easy to get the pair when needed

3. Hang and fold strategically


Few clothes are very bulky and occupy lots of space when you try and fold them. This is especially true for new-born winter jackets or coats. Choose to hang these instead to help save space. 

You can use dividers in a tall wardrobe to hang clothes on top and fold and store clothes underneath. This way, you better utilize the wardrobe space.

4.Organize by size

The next smart thing you can do is to sort out all the clothes by their size. Only have infant garments that fit the baby in the wardrobe. Pack and label everything bigger. You can go as far as to create multiple such labels – 3-6 months, 6-12 months, winter wear, party wear, and so on. 

This way, you can eliminate clothes the baby won't use in the next few months from the shelves and free some space.

5.Organize by color

This is something organizational experts swear by. It is easy to pick clothes if they are color-coordinated and arranged. We all have this habit of picking up a few common colors more than others when shopping.

Arranging clothes based on their color will right away tell you if you are doing this too. Organizing infant garments based on color will help ensure you dress up the little one in all colors available in the wardrobe and is more optimal. 

6. Use closet and shelf dividers


The main problem with regular wardrobes and shelves is that they are designed for adult clothes. The length and breadth of the shelves and drawers make it impossible to store baby items. 

Here is where closet and shelf dividers come to help. You can use dividers to convert regular drawers into smaller spaces to store individual categories. Similarly, divide longer shelves into smaller compartments so you don't have to pile up clothes on top of each other. 

7. Donate unused clothes quickly

As parents, it is easy for us to get sentimental about those tiny little clothes our babies wore and outgrew. However, if you start saving up every piece of clothing, you would probably need a new house just to store things in. 

The easiest way to stay free of clutter is to have a few sentimental pieces for yourself and give away good quality pre-loved new-born set clothes and accessories to friends and family. 

8. Use vacuum seal bags for clothes that wouldn't get used this season


Many parents are particular about dressing their babies in 'in-season' clothes. If you are one such trendy parent too, try vacuum sealing and storing away clothes you wouldn't probably use in the next 2-3 months. 

Vacuum sealing shrinks clothes to less than one-third of their original sizes and helps in easy storage. 

9. Invest in stackable boxes

Stackable boxes are your best bet if you don't have a ready-to-use wardrobe or closed shelf to store infant garments and accessories in. Find boxes that fit perfectly on each other and can be opened and closed without disturbing the stack. There are a lot of baby cloth organizers in the market to pick from. 

You can label these boxes based on what type of clothes go into them to make it easy to pick items.

10.Do not procrastinate folding and stacking

The last point in organizing new-born clothes efficiently is to start folding and stacking regularly. Once fresh laundry comes in, take a half-hour out of your day to fold and stack them in their right places. 

There will be lots of infant garments to wash and fold every day. So, it may also make sense to outsource the job if possible, if that would help keep things tidy at home. 


If you are picking up baby clothes organizers, make sure to pick up ones that fit your existing space well. Again, stackable organizers and those that go into wardrobes and shelves are better than stand-alone furniture. 

Handling tens and hundreds of infant garments can seem overwhelming. However, take it one day at a time. Focus on sorting out the day's laundry that same day. Parenting is hard. Do not hesitate to take help if needed. 

Finally, try and pick up good quality baby clothes in the right quantities. It may seem very easy to stock up on excess babywear, mainly because they look cute. But too many clothes mean extra folding and storing work for you.

All of Natures Cuddle's infant garments are designed to be neutral and non-fussy. We focus on the quality of clothes in excessive detail. The 100% organic cotton fabric feels fantastic on the skin and looks elegant. Just a few of each of the different types of new-born baby clothes from our catalogue would be enough to take care of all your baby's attire needs for the next three months.  

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